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Kang organic food co., LTD in jiangsu and nanjing rui kang bee industry co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "rui kang company") is China's earliest engaged in organic food development, production, processing, domestic and foreign trade of the professional enterprises, the current main products include organic honey, royal jelly, organic pollen, licorice, etc.
After years of development, rui kang company established 3100 hectares in beautiful at the foot of tianshan mountain of xinjiang organic licorice base and founded in 2004, "and static rui kang organic food co., LTD." and covers an area of 30 mu, annual production and processing capacity of 1000 tons of organic licorice products processing factory, specializing in the production of organic licorice and processing; In jilin changbai mountain nature reserve, shandong Cu company mountain nature reserve to establish organic bee products bases, has more than 10000 group of organic bee; And jiangxi, hubei, anhui and other places of the organic tea garden has established close and friendly relations of cooperation. Rui kang company to "protect customer interests, honest, and trustworthy" for the purpose, with places the such as North America, the European Union customers set up long-term, stable and friendly trade relations of cooperation. Every company send professional personnel to the base of organic product training for the farmers. Rui kang company all products strictly enforce the international organic food production and processing standards, and continuously through domestic and international organic certification.
Since its establishment, rui kang company received more than 30 honors: in 2001 is evaluated "three green" on the implementation of the eight ministries and commissions of the state engineering first batch of pilot enterprises; "Organic bee products export-oriented processing demonstration base" in 2005 won the national spark plan project, by the examination and approval of the state environmental protection administration as "national organic food production base"; 2007 organic bee products company through the national export base for the record, and was rated as green demonstration base; Company in 2008 was named the 2007 golden bee corporate social responsibility - China's enterprises.
As a member of the international federation of organic agriculture movement (IFOAM), rui kang company is committed to improve farmers' living standard, to protect the ecological environment and focus on human health do my best.